Program Schedule:

10/13 & 10/14

Friday from 4-9pm and Saturday from 9am-7pm

Location: GoYoga Dublin

6659 Dublin Center Drive, Dublin, OH 43017

Physically, Yin is a style of yoga that focuses on lengthening connective tissue throughout the body. It’s an inviting practice for anyone looking to relieve tightness and stress that the body holds. Energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, Yin builds awareness and compassion within the student. Since we hold the body in a position for an extended amount of time, the mind may get distracted, agitated, overwhelmed and allows you to really feel what’s going on in your life.  

As a Yin teacher, being able to hold space in a class is very important and understanding the essence of Yin comes from within the teacher and then passed down to the student.  

The work starts within us.  

Join Kate Kuss and go deep to understand how Yin works and how to share this grounding and uplifting practice with your students.  

During the training, she will cover:  

• The background and history of Yin Yoga  

• Exploration of energy  

• Yin poses and modifications  

• Breath work that pairs well with Yin poses 

• How to teach Yin from the heart and offer an inspiring experience  

• Connecting with the essence of Yin and aligning your teaching to the principles of this style  

• Yin teaching tool belt so you feel prepared, knowledgable and confident!

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About Kate

Kate Kuss has experienced how a dedicated and earnest yoga and meditation practice leads to a healthier life. Kate’s true love is sharing how we can take care of our body and mind and her classes are full of soul and steadiness. With over 1,700 hours of yoga teacher training, 700 hours of meditation training and teaching both students and teachers for over 9 years, Kate passes down yogic tools that we can be practiced both on and off the mat. Kate’s first Yoga Nidra session happened 6 years ago in India and it was a mind-blowing experience. Since then, she’s dedicated many hours into the practice – as a student and a teacher. Kate’s personal meditation practice inspires her to dive deep and connect with her true self, speak with an honest voice and walk an authentic path. She would love to pass down this healing practice with as many people as possible.